Star Sister

A memoir about my name change and its spiritual fall-out,  Star Sister: How I Changed My Name, Grew Wings, and Learned to Trust Intuition, was published by Evolver Editions/North Atlantic Books in March 2012. Here’s what some amazing people have to say about it:

“Stella Osorojos has written a brave, daring, and highly personal book that will reach deep into your soul. She is a fabulous writer with a clear and compelling style and her book will stretch your mind and broaden your reality. It is a truly remarkable piece of work.”—Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money and co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance.

“This strange story of a beautiful young woman lost and suffering in the empty wastes of affluent suburbia, who finds an extraordinary salvation through changing her name, shows just how important it may be that we rediscover our connection to place: Stella’s healing comes through reconnecting with the magical-realist world of her Andean roots, where she is able at last to become herself. A truly liberating tale.” —Henry Shukman, author of The Lost City and In Dr No’s Garden

“As we ride the unsettling, exciting, and maddening wave of evolution, we need personal stories of people who ‘bridge the gap’—those souls with one foot in convention and one foot in the vanguard, who bring stories from the edges into the center of pop culture. Stella Osorojos is a much-needed translator; her gift is that she speaks both languages fluently.”—Amely Greeven, co-author of Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself.

“I’m a professional academic. I’m supposed to be skeptical about the kinds of things that Stella Osorojos describes in Star Sister. But at a very deep level, I do not doubt her in the slightest. The book resounds with her integrity, honesty and fearlessness. And it will inspire similar qualities in its readers. This is an exceptional story.”—Mark Singleton, author of Yoga Body, the Origins of Modern Posture Practice.

“As a journalist, I worship facts, research, things that can be seen and experienced, not mystical musings. But the odyssey that Stella Osorojos relates is strong and pure, a delight to share, and compelling enough to open a skeptic’s heart.” —Aimee Lee Ball, author of No Time To Die

“I knew Stella when she was Laura. The journey that led her from one name to another, and then beyond, is little short of extraordinary – barely credible to most rational people, an account that leads the casual reader occasionally to wonder at the author’s sanity.  But Stella is such a persuasive writer, her imagery is so vivid and her passions so profound, that many will be persuaded by this haunting and unforgettable account that she is indeed sane, and may even be what few of us are fortunate enough ever to be, and that is wise.”—Simon Winchester, author of The Professor and the Madman

“Stella Osorojos’ wonderful tale of personal healing and spiritual awakening is a roadmap for the pathless path, providing friendly guidance to those of us attempting to find our way without the help of a tradition or teacher. Read this and breathe a sigh of relief that anything is possible and you are not alone! She has written an honest, humorous expression of a new emerging story – the story of consciousness awakening to a larger reality that we ever dreamed possible. Star Sister is at once a personal revelation and an invitation to join her in living an awakened life. Her journey has brought forth great wisdom and much food for thought and she has given us fresh take on the mysterious path of spiritual awakening in an insightful, funny, educational, and deeply wise manual. A real page-turner.”—Cynthia Jurs, Founder of the Open Way Sangha

“A seminal book of the transformation movement.”—Jonathan Talat Phillips, author of Electric Jesus