All of the intuitive sessions I do start with a body scan—Don’t tell me what’s going on beforehand so I can get a clean read!—and can incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine, essential oils, herbal, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, and, especially, resonant touch. I support the body by releasing somatized trauma with loving attention and allowance.

In Person Sessions

I do in-person sessions in Wakefield, RI, on Monday mornings. Text 828-four five zero-1872 to make an appointment.

Zoom Consultations

Personal online consultations are great for those in health crisis needing some intuitive guidance and wanting to learn techniques to help themselves. They’re also helpful for students wanting one-on-one attention. We can do more if you’ve previously taken my class. $150 for 50 minutes.

Please note that I put up new online sessions at the 1st of the month. Also, please don’t book more than one session per month.

Sign up here for a Zoom session. The times available are all EASTERN STANDARD.

Group Resonant Healing

These sessions generate two levels of healing. Participants witness Stella’s healing work on 2 or more individuals. By holding resonant attention with her, spontaneous healings happen in the entire group. Please join us for this remarkable experience, usually held on the last weekend of the month at 11am EST. $30.

Sign up here for January 7th at 10am EST.