“When we move away from believing that our physical bodies can only decay and start to understand consciousness as the prima materia, then healing becomes a matter of attention—specifically resonant attention.”

Stella Osorojos Eisentein

Healing with Resonant Attention

In this online training, we’ll discover the principle of resonant attention and some specific bodywork techniques that are enhanced with resonant attention. The program will be valuable both to experienced clinicians and to those who simply want to develop their healing capacities for themselves and their loved ones. It’s for those ready to understanding healing in Interbeing and take a crucial step towards re-skilling medicine.

March 9, 16 & 23 at 10am EST

NOTE: Clicking through on the link above will take you to scheduling. Each class is 75 minutes. We are usually successful with recording this and getting it out quickly, but if you have to rely on the recording it might be better to wait for another class in which you can fully participate. Each class is slightly different, reflecting my growing understanding of healing in Interbeing; you will find something new even if you’ve taken the class before.

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“I have done a few [practice sessions] on myself, and one of them felt quite miraculous, although, as I am learning, it was less a miracle and more of ‘Oh wow, my body is AMAZING!’ I injured my shoulder quite badly exercising, and it got worse the next day. I did RA on myself… and let my body heal itself, and it did! …My arm/shoulder went through a series of very small and deliberate movements (I totally stayed out of the way), and also did some shaking, and at one point, I burst into tears for about a minute. When it was all said and done, it felt about 90% better physically, but my overall state was positively buzzing with excitement and energy. I was amazed and delighted! I did another session on it the next day, and it is now 100%! Wow, and to think this has been sitting right in front of me this whole time, haha! Thank you for opening that door for me.” -D. D., November 21 attendee

“I have been so enjoying your course – to the point of taking notes and rewatching!! Thank you for all you are sharing in that space.” -A.C., November 21 attendee

“I was really looking forward to this class, and it did not disappoint. I appreciated your patient and embodied pace working through the material… I was also very much drawn to your groundedness and practicality regarding what could be construed as such ‘woo woo’ material.” -G.L.B, Bodyworker and movement coach

“Thank you so much for teaching us such an incredibly powerful technique! Within two short days I feel more connected to my body and was able to eliminate neck pain that plagued me constantly.”–A.A. April 2022

“I wanted to tell you my progress! I was born with an impingement on my spinal column near my neck which has been the cause of many things bad, but this morning while doing RA, in the field, I noticed my neck, then jaw, then eye. I have never ever been able to turn my left eye to the left -again, born with this. After about 45 min of RA in this area, my jaw relaxed in a clunk, and then everything in my head/jaw area. After this, I tried to move my eye so it was looking toward the left, and it MOVED! Not all the way, but any movement is amazing as the docs told me that the muscles had atrophied and are permanently unusable. My husband can also attest to its movement! Again, it has never moved from center even a tiny bit to the left. I remembered what you said about exercising it so that the muscles can relearn how to move in a particular way again, so will continue to exercise and beef them up to normal. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have learned this! Thank you! When this cyst disappears I will let you know!“–Nina Gee, April 2022