Our Yard Sign

15036593_1267694583282610_4296865453383226317_nRight after the election, Charles had a poem come to him that we thought would make a great yard sign. We live on a busy street in West Asheville and we hoped it would brighten our neighbors days to be reminded that love is still a presence in the world. Charles and our son Cary dug the posts, I painted, and we put it out front just before Charles took off on a trip for two weeks. While he was gone, the thing went viral, with nearly 50K people sharing the original post. If you haven’t seen it, here is the news clip that our local news station did on it. We love that people have responded to it.

And here’s a little side note that really tickles me: A couple of days after we posted the sign, Cary came into the living room to play. He said, “I’ll be Batman and you be Wonder Woman.” I didn’t know that he knew who Wonder Woman was, so I asked him and he said, “I don’t know. You just be Wonder Woman.” A couple of minutes later… a friend texted me saying that Lynda Carter, the television star who played Wonder Woman, had just shared Charles’s post. Ha!

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