Recommendation for Star Sister

Dear friends and colleagues,

I want to highly recommend the new book “Star Sister: How I Changed My Name, Grew Wings and Learned To Trust Intuition” by Stella Osorojos. It is really deeply inspiring, it’s a spiritual path, an awakening journey describing all the unexpected and surprising paths that “awaking” takes, the ups and downs, the fear, sometimes even the terror , the bliss and most of all the humility of staying open to the unknown.

It is a personal journey that explores how some awakening processes lead us to reconsider what mental health is, and how ancient traditions, whether it be Chinese, shamanic, Christian mysticism, or even extraterrestrial (believe it or not!), help us make sense and bring light in a realm where our western rational perception would just put negative labels.

It’s also a couple journey that embodies what I often say to couples: when you get to a place which is quiet enough and safe enough, there, in that space between two souls, the best decision for the relationship can emerge. Sometimes growing up means staying together and sometimes it’s moving apart, but doing it from a loving place, honoring and blessing each other for the learnings and the shared journey.

Sometimes real love takes the form of letting go and letting be. Allowing the other to be himself, freeing him from our expectations, and trusting him for the upcoming path. That’s unconditional love… It’s not about staying together at all costs but about learning the teachings of life, and of course it’s not just running away at the first conflict (otherwise I wouldn’t be an Imago couple therapist!). And that is also true about real love towards oneself, by staying open to everything and attached to nothing, letting go of trapping expectations about oneself and trusting our inner wisdom, or as Stella may say, our intuition.

It’s also a great inspiration for couples who are stuck in the impasse of having a child or not wanting to have one and how this struggle to make a decision may be excruciating for both because it touches a core value / dream. It’s a moving testimony of what this issue brings up in a relationship and she gives a wonderful example of getting out of the “blame it on the other” mode to move towards honoring the sovereignty of each one and staying connected nevertheless.

And finally it reminds us of our interconnectedness as humans beings with other humans, with the planet and the cosmos and how 2012 may not be the end of the world as the Mayas predicted it, but the end of one way of being in the world, moving away from an attitude of getting and consuming to one of embracing and giving more love and consciousness.

Last but not least, the wonderful woman that wrote this inspiring book is my cousin, Stella Osorojos, and I am deeply proud of witnessing and promoting her work…



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