Star Sister

Great news to share: A memoir that I wrote last summer will be published by Evolver Editions/North Atlantic Books in March 2012. It’ll be called “Star Sister” and concerns my name change and its spiritual fall-out, which, of course, continues. Check back for updates as the pub date nears!

In other news, I’m not currently seeing clients in Santa Fe. This is my fortieth year and, so far, it has been as big and shifty as advertised. Of course, the recent world catastrophes show that change isn’t just happening in my corner of the planet. If your own internal landscape is resembling an earthquake, storm, or even nuclear disaster, know at least that you’re not alone! And keep breathing…

For myself, I’ve been traveling and visiting family and friends on the East Coast and that looks like that will continue. I’ll let you know more as it all develops.

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